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Bobby Woods Baseball strives to be the global leader in baseball & softball instruction. Our products reflect state of the art research, instruction & solutions for players, parents & coaches.

Mom Can You Teach Me How To Hit?, Down Broadway & The Glove represent our commitment to excellence & never ending love for the game, ultimately helping all players achieve success & enjoyment.

Mom Can You Teach Me How to Hit?


Mom Can You Teach Me How to Hit? is a baseball hitting video that provides instruction in the fundamentals and techniques of hitting a baseball. This DVD is ideal for players, as well as for parents and Little League baseball coaches to learn tips for youth hitting instruction. Bobby Woods breaks down the process of hitting and provides clear and detailed instruction that is easy to follow, even for those with little or no knowledge of the game. The basic principles included in this DVD include muscle memory, stance, grip, hitter balance, follow through, mental imagery, seeing the ball and more. The child and parent or coach will learn baseball hitting tips, baseball hitting mechanics and baseball hitting drills. The youth baseball hitting instruction in this video improves skills and increases confidence. Mom, Can You Teach Me How To Hit? was produced through the Mayor's office of Film, Theatre and Broadcasting, New York City. More >>

Down Broadway: Pitching & Catching Techniques For The Modern Player


Down Broadway is a baseball pitching DVD that provides pitching and baseball catching instruction. It teaches the fundamentals and basics of pitching and catching for players of all ages from youth players to adults. The pitching instruction includes pitching grips, baseball pitching mechanics and techniques, youth baseball pitching drills and more. This comprehensive DVD is also outstanding for people looking for baseball catching instruction. It provides easy to follow education about baseball catching fundamentals and baseball catching drills, as well as baseball catching mechanics. More >>


"Bobby Woods, a former Chicago Cub Player , provides 75 minutes of head to toe instruction for hitters of all ages in this release, produced on location at Central Park in New York City. An earnest and articulate speaker, Woods appears with almost heavenly timing to offer assistance to a single mom as she pitches to her struggling 12 year old son on one of the city's dusty diamonds. Woods' instruction is peppered with phrases like 'muscle memory', 'weight transference', and 'stimulus response', but the video is so carefully organized by segment and the terms so clearly defined verbally and visually that any intimidation felt by parents - of either gender will be successfully relieved."

- Joe Lugara
Big Apple Parent Newspaper
New York City

Watch clips of our baseball instructional videos on our website to get an idea of the quality of coaching in the mechanics and drills to enable players to learn the essential skills of the game. Our videos are available for purchase or can be rented( streamed to your computer) for five days. Visit us again for our latest production, The Glove, which is coming soon.